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We’re busting the myth that Ethernet services need to cost the earth. With the range of available options – from EoFTTC to EFM and Fibre Ethernet – our customers will have the scalable bandwidth to meet their current and future business needs. 


Customers will never have to share bandwidth with other users and can enjoy stability and consistent speeds at all times. You can also rest assured that service-impacting faults will be resolved within eight hours.


When uploads are just as important as downloads – from offsite backups to HD video conferencing, IP Voice and cloud services – Ethernet provides an invaluable solution to businesses. And with bandwidth up to 1Gbps, businesses of all sizes will be able to take full advantage of their connectivity – no matter their usage requirements. 


Having the bandwidth and scalability they need is a great reason for businesses to choose Ethernet leased lines. But there is more to Ethernet services than great performance. With an up to 100% availability SLA option for all Ethernet services (when taken with a secondary/assurance circuit), we’ll respond to faults within an hour and expect to provide resolution within eight hours. And high levels of availability mean better business results. 


Where we’re providing a managed service, your customers will receive a Cisco device to terminate their circuit, we’ll keep a copy of the latest configuration and we'll deploy an engineer to site within four hours in the event of hardware failure. That means rapid fault resolution, and where a device is determined to be beyond repair we'll change out the faulty unit with a replacement device, using the latest configuration to minimise downtime. 


Traditional broadband speeds are limited by distance from the exchange – which means in hard to reach places your customers might experience particularly low bandwidth. But Ethernet services can be provided at speeds up to 1Gbps regardless of geography, so no matter where they are, your business customers can get the speed and performance they need. 

Wide Area Network

ViVoTECH Wide Area Network

We help you to securely and reliably connect every part of your organisation with a Wide Area Network (WAN) that is expertly designed, built, delivered and meticulously managed to meet your business needs. 

For example, our managed Wide Area Network services ensure leading retailers can respond to significant peaks in demand, local authorities can seamlessly connect all of their services and healthcare providers can support clinicians to securely access vital information wherever, and whenever, they need it. 

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