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Keeping Staff Happy Post Covid

As we come out of the other side of the pandemic and your staff return to work their expectations of the working environment has changed. The increased use of remote working solutions has accelerated technology adoption across most businesses and employees will no doubt want to continue with some form of remote working long term.

So the question is how does this work post covid?

As work and home life has been pushed together under one roof the balance has been a big topic of conversation in recent months. Employee’s have now seen that this balance can be achieved using technology during the pandemic and if this is then taken away, turnover is likely to increase as your best talent will seek out competitors who can offer this advantage.

As an employer there are obvious reservations to remote working whether it is fearing the loss of productivity, being unable to reach staff when you need them or simply the breakdown of your business culture. Whilst this may have been more prominent pre smart phones, the business world has changed and now we can do more on our mobile phones than ever. By utilising these new technologies and coupling it with the advanced analytical features you enable your workforce to stay home whilst you rest assured that you can quickly see a holistic view of your businesses communications.

ViVoCollab is the smart way to bring your telephone system into 2021. Its simple to use app is accessible on any device through the browser and has all the functionality needed for businesses in the modern age:

· Never miss a call with App and Desk Phone provisions plus seamless integration between the two.

· Easy, configurable call routing and menus making changes a walk in the park.

· In depth call reporting and analytics to provide you with business intelligence so you can make informed decisions.

· Simple management and billing user interfaces to save time on querying call costs or usage.

· All-inclusive call packages for UK and International destinations.

· Integrates with Microsoft 365 to enable video conferencing through Teams.

In summary, providing your staff with the solutions to work remotely will increase their happiness as it contributes to a healthy work/life balance without compensating on productivity. This will ensure that your best and brightest do not leave for your competitors but still enables you to manage your teams effectively regardless of location!

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