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By being able to only pay for what you use down to the minute, this gives you greater cost control on a pay as you go basis.


At the forefront of IaaS and PaaS, Azure offers rapid deployments. The hybrid cloud environment allows companies to select whether they operate autonomously or utilize a public cloud.


Microsoft understands the importance of security and has designed Azure to stay ahead of the competition when it comes to protecting your data. Azure is a top choice of high-risk industries such as health care and government to provide cloud services.


Due to the high-risk and sensitive nature of certain industries, Azure has designed specific applications to address unique needs. Government, health care, manufacturing, and financial services benefit greatly from Azure’s many features, including offline cloud services, individualized security needs, simplified compliance, and modernized customer apps. 


Azure allows your IT personnel to focus on your business without having to worry about in-house capabilities or maintaining equipment that is over-taxed or underused.


Azure is designed for every business regardless of size, from the local bakery to multi-national corporations. It’s easily scalable to meet your IT demands and operates on a pay-as-you-go pricing model to meet any budget. Since businesses can launch and store internal and external applications in the cloud, it also saves on in-house IT costs, including hardware and maintenance.

Microsoft Azure

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ViVoTECH Microsoft Azure

To be successful, businesses must efficiently adapt to changing market conditions. Unlike traditional, on-premises IT infrastructures, cloud platforms provide total agility while keeping your operations streamlined, so your business can be adaptable yet efficient.


But transitioning to and managing a virtual infrastructure on your own runs the risk of prolonged downtime, unnecessary expenses and poor ROI. That’s where ViVoTECH comes in. Our Azure experts will learn your business, then deliver and manage the cloud computing capabilities that give you an edge. Whether it’s optimised networks, customer analytics software or app customisation, your virtual systems will deliver long-term value. With improved security, efficiency and agility, you’ll have more resources to devote to growth and innovation.

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