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Rest easy knowing you have robust service which can withstand power outages and connectivity issues. ViVoTECH industry leading SLA’s guarantee you service or your money back.


ViVoTECH pride ourselves on our unmatched support, with a 24x7x365 operation centre we are always on hand to assist our clients should anything happen.


ViVoTECH’s competitive call rates typically save businesses up to 20% on their monthly rental and calls. Speak to one of our experts about a detailed cost analysis.


Our service Is quick and easy to install, having your business connected in days rather than months. Our engineers are trained to the highest standard and will ensure a smooth install process.


Ask one of our experts today about our all-inclusive call packages. Never get an unexpected bill again with one low-cost monthly package.


We provide Quality of Service to ensure excellent voice quality across all your lines so that nothing is lost in translation.

Calls & Lines

ViVoTECH Calls & Lines

Despite the inclination to move to internet-based business phones, VoIP phone systems aren’t the best fit for every business. For small to medium sized businesses across the UK looking for a phone system that controls costs and is easy to use and maintain, look no further than analogue calling and phone lines from ViVoTECH.


After learning about your office space and calling needs, we’ll quickly procure the phones and accessories you need, install the wiring and provide the dial tone service on the PSTN so you can get reliable, cost-effective calling as soon as you need it. Let us handle your phone service while you focus on running your business.

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